Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd Annual RunEureka

2nd Annual RunEureka
    On October 23rd, Clear Spring School will host the 2nd Annual RunEureka, a benefit scavenger-hunt-fun-run through the hills and hollers of Eureka Springs’ historic district. ‘Contestant’ runners (and even walkers) will solve clues in teams of two to make their way from point to point. Teams of 3 and 4 may compete as well for a top group prize. At each location, there will be a fun challenge to complete before being given the clue to the next location. ‘Contestants’ may use any media to figure out clues – Smartphone’s, calling a friend, or even talking with people on the street – anything, that is, except hopping a trolley or any other non-shoed form of transportation.
    The race will begin and end at Ermilio’s Restaurant on White Street. All contestants must prepare to scamper around Eureka for about 3 miles (depending on how lost you get); enjoy the Autumn weather; compete for fabulous prizes; and come away with fun memories! For more details, rules, and a downloadable entry form, visit

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