Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eureka Springs,New Little Portion Monastery and Hermitage Open House

New Little Portion Monastery and Hermitage Open House
After the fire of 2008 the New Monastery at Little Portion Monastery and Hermitage will have a public Open House on Saturday Oct 2 from 2 - 4 pm. This is a unique time for the general public of the local area to get a special tour of the interior of the cloister of the New Monastery that is usually enclosed. There will be a public ribbon cutting ceremony by the Berryville Chamber of Commerce with Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, local dignitaries,  the American Legion and the Brothers and Sisters at 2 pm followed by a Tea. It promises to be a joyful time for all!!! Come and participate in this joyful event! As the monks, sisters, and monastic families say, “ This is not just our monastery. It is yours too.  We pray for the good of all. We invite all to join us in our public prayer services or just to enjoy the quiet and contemplative grounds.”
  For additional information call the monastery 479-253-7710 or  Peggy (c)  479-981-4660 or email   We invite you to our various websites:  

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