Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eureka Springs Landmarks

There are numerous markers, plaques, and stone etchings that represent a portion of the history of Eureka Springs and its Landmarks. It is not by coincidence that many of these go unnoticed, particularly by local residents. After reading them once or twice, the significance and meaning fades as the inscriptions become common place. Some of the statements read often become blurred over in ones memory and recapturing them takes an additional effort to find that particular marker with the specific data needed for reference. There is also the possibility that some of the data was transcribed incorrectly at the time of creation. Therefore, the intention here is to make discovery and re-discovery a bit easier. The following statement was copied from the Bank of Eureka Springs Calendar for 2007. BANK OF EUREKA SPRINGS commends the effort to place historical markers, beginning at Basin Spring, at sites significant to the development of our unique community ... and salute the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, Community Development Partnership and many private property owners who participated in the project which resulted in placing 42 bronze plaques throughout Eureka Springs and vicinity.
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