Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corvette Weekend, Eurkea Springs

 They are here!! The American muscle car and her many sisters have take Eureka Springs hostage for 4 days of fun and excitement. The city streets are full of Corvettes, almost every where you look bright and shiny colorful metal body making there way up and down HWY 62.  I just love! There always room for one more this weekend, so if you have not yet made plans, make a Eureka Springs visit.
For the past 19 years, Corvette enthusiasts across the Midwest and beyond have gathered in Eureka Springs, Arkansas the first weekend of October to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and weather, the unique charm of the Eureka Springs area and just relaxing and having fun with hundreds of fellow Corvette fans. No bitter competition, no concours preparation, no points to win or lose, just a lot of viewing and driving enjoyment with America's Sports Car. All Corvettes, modified, restored, original or daily driver, from all years are welcome. Check the results of the 2009 weekend and previous year's events on our History page.Corvettes EVERYWHERE, especially on the Hwy 62 Strip near Pine Mountain Village
Eureka Springs is nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains, filled with dense foliage, steep hills, natural springs, historic buildings and Victorian homes. You can shop the unique stores, explore the antique buildings, relax in the spas, enjoy the outdoors, drive the challenging but smooth mountain roads, and participate in a variety of Corvette events.

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