Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eureka Springs own Lake Leatherwood

Perfect day for boat trip on LAKE LEATHERWOOD.  The Lake is a 1600-acre municipal park surrounding an 85 acre spring fed lake. Located off Hwy 62 at the western edge of town, it is a place of natural serenity.
The first time I visited the park, I could not believe what a beauty she was.  Huge lake surrounded by mountains. There is a 2 mile walking trail that circle the lake.  Moderate to easy skill required.Just minutes form Eureka Springs historic district.
Lake Leatherwood is formed by one of the largest hand-cut native limestone dams in the country. The dam and several structures at the park were built in the early 1940s by the WPA. Lake Leatherwood Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Lake Leatherwood waters are home to blue gill, crappie, bream, large mouth bass and channel catfish. The park is a natural habitat for a diverse population of waterfowl and other birds, including heron, geese, bald eagles and wild turkey. The woodlands surrounding the lake support many species of wildlife.
If you plan to fish remember you will need An Arkansas fishing license is required for persons over 16 years of age.

HIKING & BIKING are offered on approximately 15 miles of trails that cover varied terrain surrounding the lake and in other areas of the park. Trails are closed to motorized vehicles. Hikers and bicyclists can enjoy solitude, bird watching, cool springs, an intermittent creek, historic stone walls and bridges, unusual rock formations and the beauty of nature. Watch for the Flattire Festival held each year

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