Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eureka Springs Crescent Springs

This corner of the Crescent Springs here in Eureka Springs is bascially unchanged. The Carnegie Library is still open and is operated as a library. The building was built in 1910. From limestone, left from the construction of the Crescent Hotel. If the library is open , make a visit. It still retains the ambiance of the past.
A folder case near the entrance hold historic photos of Eureka Springs. Many of the building are still in tact and preserved. The stone staircase which forms the entrance was originally the base for the gazebo. Notic ehte stone steps are a different color and half the cut that the rest of the library.
The phot shows the perenial gardens near the Spring. In historic Eureka Springs,a perfect place reading during your vacation here in Eureka Springs.
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