Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eureka Springs and War Eagle Mills

The site on War Eagle River has been an important center of activity since the 1830s. Sylvanus Blackburn, an early settler and miller, built the first War Eagle Mill two decades before the Civil War. It was washed away by a flood in 1848, but was soon replaced by a second structure.
The second War Eagle Mill was used to grind grain to feed the soldiers of both the Union
and Confederate armies during the early years of the Civil War.Today's War Eagle Mill is a modern

Reproduction of the third structure, which no longer stand. Although it is a 20th Century
construction, the mill provides a fascinating opportunity to see an authentic water
powered gristmill in operation. In addition, it is set on the banks of War Eagle River in one

is set on the banks of War Eagle River in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Arkansas.

Recently saved from potential

Recently saved from potential

demolition, the War Eagle

Bridge is one of the most

scenic such spans in the


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