Wednesday, July 7, 2010

White River, Eureka Springs Arkansas

The White River (origin to Bull Shoals Lake) meanders in direction from its headwaters near Fayetteville and up through southern Missouri to its reentry in Arkansas as it heads southeast past Cotter and Batesville. It runs through this mountainous region of the Ozarks before tumbling into the Delta. In its entire 720-mile journey, the river's flow is interrupted by at least eight dams, six in Arkansas and two more in Missouri.

The headwaters of the White are similar to the beginning stretches of other Ozark streams -- fast and furious in the wet months, and comparatively calm the rest of the year. Here you'll find a series of pools and shoals with overhanging trees, tight turns and gravel bottoms amid bluffs, forests and quiet pastures. As its journey continues, the White feeds dammed lakes, and its tailwaters then become rewarding cold waters for trout fishing below Beaver Dam and Bull Shoals Dam. Scenery is popular here too with picturesque bluffs and thin layers of fog suspended delicately above the stream each morning around sunrise. Here water level is determined less by rain water and more by power generation at dams. There are numerous access points to the river provided by state and federal agencies and private resort owners.

Army Corp of Eng. has been releaseing water from the dam during the past few weeks to lower the water level of  Beaver Lake.  The cold water from lake is released into the White River, which create a layer of white mist that hangs cover the river, quite a sight from a canoe or kayae.  Just a short trip from Eureka Sprtings Arkansas.

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