Friday, July 2, 2010

Turpentine Creek, near Eureka Springs Fourth of July Celebration

Live music including Robbie Blender, The Rooguards, and Spring Street Ruckus, will entertain you while you shoot your own fireworks and watch the display (the area's largest class 3 firework show around). Get here early. Prime parking is first come, first serve. TCWR staff members traveled to a secret place to visit with a secret person to obtain fireworks at a low price so we can sell family packs to you at reduced prices. So, bring your own fireworks or buy them here. Hey, if your broke, come anyway. There will be around five hundred crazed people blowing up their hard earned fireworks. This way you won't even get a burn!

This is a family event. Belligerent people stay home and keep the drunks and druggies with you. People want to have fun and that is what we are giving them. A good time...for free! NO OPEN CONTAINERS, NO FIREARMS, NO COMPLAINING! IT MAY BE HOT...COME PREPARED FOR THIS TOO.
Concessions will be available for the thirsty and hungry.
The Refuge will close at six PM so if you want to visit with the big cats come by four PM. Feeding is at five PM.
Turpentine Creek extends a huge thanks to Arvest for sponsoring this event. Without local support and sponsors we could not have this awesome event.  Thnaks for the infor:Chamberof Commerce, Member to Member.

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