Sunday, July 25, 2010

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Eureka Springs Arkansas

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

 Where is St. Elizabeth's?
A It is on the tier of land between the Carnegie Library and the Crescent Hotel, accessible by Crescent Drive (Crescent Grade) off of the Historic Loop (Old 62B)

Q Why was it built?
A It began as a chapel Richard Kerens built in memory of his mother. According to a 1907 article in the Arkansas Traveler, the chapel was completed in 1906. Kerens was one of the builders of the Crescent Hotel and also donated the land for the Carnegie Library. Eventually, he built St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, which was dedicated in 1909.The church is connected to the chapel and is in memory of both his parents. It replaced the Catholic Church that was on Fairmont Street.

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