Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eureka Springs Treasure

Q Besides being one of the financial group that built the Crescent-the Eureka Improvement Company- What did Richard Kerens do?
A He came to Eureka Springs in 1881 at the request of Powell Clayton. Both were avid Republicans and both became ambassadors. They were also successful military men on the Union side in the Civil War. Kerens' involvement in railroads across the United States gave him the expertise and connections that Powell Clayton wanted to use to help get a railroad line to Eureka Springs. They accomplished this and it was personally and financially responsible for the opening of the parochial school and Hotel Dieu Hospital on Fairmont Street. Both Kerens and his wife were responsible for the construction of chapels and churches in several states, and in establishing a scholarship at Notre Dame . Kerens' life was his family, faith, politics and railroads. He died in 1916.
The church is one of the many incredible treasures of Eureka Springs. Is in deed a special and blessed place in historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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