Monday, July 26, 2010


Eureka Springs was born on July 4th, 1879…offspring of the many legends and stories of the MAGIC HEALING SPRING of the Osage Indians. These legends and tales were spread word of mouth from Indian to traders and trappers and explorers who spanned the region from the Great Lakes to Southern Florida. The Osage Indians were hunters and this area made an ideal habitat for their lifestyle. The heavily wooded Ozark Mountains were rich with wildlife for hunting and trapping… and the Osage made the ideal “Guardians” for the Magic Healing Spring. They permitted anyone to come to the spring to drink and bathe and heal - even the white man. The area was considered by the Osage to be SACRED GROUND because of the healing quality of the waters. As such, no form of hostility was acceptable and weapons were not permitted in the area of the springs. Fear of antagonizing the SPIRIT OF THE SPRING was a strong incentive for hospitable behavior by all who visited the area

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