Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eureka Springs Fun

FIND the Missing Puzzle Pieces at the following stores and WIN PRIZES!
Puzzle and more info available from 1pm-5pm in the Basin Spring Park

~Plus check out the Thursday night SALES~  

Tummy Ticklers Kitchen Store
-Fun after 5 Luau. Demo: Peeling Paring Slicing Dicing-Summer Salad Prep.Salad prep gadgets on sale.
Eureka Thyme-Find the Balloons for a color discount!   A balloon color will be chosen which will determine what items in the store will be discounted.
Balcony Bar & Restaurant-FREE Beverage! (does not include any alcoholic beverages).
Back Porch-10% OFF Baby Boutiques
Other stores with special offers!
Crescent Moon Beads
Iris at the Basin
Rowdy Beaver Den

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