Friday, July 9, 2010

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Searching for Bats,Eureka Springs

I am Blake Sasse, the bat biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and am looking for buildings in Eureka Springs that have bat colonies in them that we can include in a research project we are considering starting this summer. The project would involve regular visits to the building to count the number of bats living there as well as occasionally attempting to catch some bats to obtain information on their physical condition and to place wing bands on them so that they can be individually identified so that we can learn about their survival rates and movement patterns. While I obviously want to work with owners who do not mind having the bats in their building I would be happy to offer advice to those who have bats but who would like to exclude them. If you have bats in your building and would be interested in helping out with this project please contact me.
Blake Sasse Certified Wildlife Biologist Nongame Mammal Furbearer Program Leader Arkansas Game and Fish Commission 213A Highway 89 South, Mayflower AR 72106.
Phone 877-470-3650 extension 235

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