Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What could become one of the nation’s most beloved treasures

I wanted to share this , I read this article in the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce news letter today.  I found it so interesting. June 16th, 2010. Lead Hill, AR. – Almost 300,000 cubic feet of stones make up the foundations of what could become one of the nation’s most beloved treasures. The only way to go from here is up!
Michel Guyot, a French power house of energy, has brought his passion for preserving history to America. Fascinated by castles from boyhood, Guyot wondered how medieval people could build structures so magnificent and lasting without power tools and modern technology. His research into building techniques led him to discover that many methods were already lost to us. He wondered if it would still be possible to build a fortress as it was done in the Middle Ages.
A French-born couple living in Arkansas, Jean Marc and Solange Mirat, saw Guyot’s project in Burgundy, France and encouraged him to build a castle in Arkansas so Americans who couldn’t travel to Europe could experience this heritage as well. After viewing Mirat’s proposed site, Guyot and his wife, Noemi Brunet, agreed that everything they needed was available – rock, trees, and eager workers.
Guyot has put together a team of American builders under the guidance of Medieval experts with an eye toward authenticity. Masons have been laboring for nine months under the tutelage of Master Mason Franck Falgairette, to prepare the site for the public. This dedicated team is facing the challenge of erecting a full-scale medieval fortress using only tools and techniques of the 13th century, including quarrying and splitting the rocks, which is getting more complicated as stones now also require carving into keystones and arrow slits.The project opened to the public on May 1st, 2010 and has mesmerized and enchanted all who view it. Americans, used to the fast lane, are amazed at the long-term building plan. Many vow to return over and over throughout the process to watch the progress of this historic endeavor. In addition to the stone masons and the work they are doing, support artisans necessary for the erection of a massive stone edifice are all passionately plying their trade – carpentry, logging, pottery, textiles, rope making, blacksmithing – all are active on a daily basis.This interactive “archeology in reverse” rings with activity as it rises from its historical basis in the beautiful Ozark hillside. It is an experience not soon forgotten.
Ozark Medieval Fortress is located outside of Lead Hill, Arkansas, just a 30-minute drive south of Branson, MO, or north of Harrison, AR, on Highway 14 W. For more information, check out the website at: or Twitter: usacastle, and on Facebook: Ozark Medieval Fortress.
For information call 1-870-436-7635 or visit our website
Contact: Noemi Brunet
Company: Ozark Medieval Fortress, LLC
Phone: 870.436.7625

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    you mentioned my name on your blog and because busy at work I had no time to say Tank you which I do now. Late but it is better late then never...
    Thank you for myself but also for all peoples working with me on the Fortress... in the same time I have a request and may be you can do it... first because you are I guess living in the state of Arkansas which I miss a lot... can you visit the site again for me and write another Article... without mentioning my name please... that request I will do many time on different papers I will find around the country and I will do my own too...

    Again Thank you for what I have see on your site...




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