Sunday, June 20, 2010

Viticultural Areas, Keels Creek Winery, Eureka Springs Arkansas

*A viticultural area for American wine is defined as a grape-growing region, distinguishable by geographical features, which has been recognized and defined according to the federal regulations (27 CFR part 9) that allow the establishment of American viticultural areas (AVAs). Because the climate, soil, elevation and similar properties within an AVA are the same, the wines produced from grapes grown in that area have similar characteristics. An AVA name may be used as the appellation of origin on wine labels and in wine advertisements if not less than 85% of the volume of the wine is derived from grapes grown in the labeled viticultural area, the wine is fully finished in the state where the viticultural area is located, and production of the wine conforms to all laws and regulations of the state in which the area is located.

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