Thursday, June 24, 2010

Passion Play, Eurek Springs Arkansas

The Greatest Story Ever Told, a staple in Eureka Springs history.
Celebrating its 40th anniversary, The Great Passion Play promises powerful performances with new dialogue, new scenes, and new original music added in 2008. Performed on a 550-foot stage, hundreds of actors and live animals bring to life the greatest story ever told: Christ's last days on earth, death, and resurrection.

State-of-the-art sound, quality lighting, and historically accurate sets and props enhance the onstage spectacle. Ideal for families and groups, the New Great Passion Play is a must-see show for first-timers and repeat patrons alike.The site of the Great Passion Play is just a short 1 mile away from the Angel at Rose Hall.,here in Eureka Springs.  The play will start tonight at 8:30pm. If you arrive early stop by the Bible Museum and the Arts Center..

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