Sunday, June 27, 2010

Medieval Fortress, near Eureka Springs Arkansas

I am become so facinated with the building of a Medieval Fortress. I am placing this on my blog again to excite visitors to visit. In the heart of the United States, between Springfield, Missouri, and Little Rock, Arkansas, a dazzling historic vision is rising in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. The creation is the brainchild of Michel Guyot who launched a similar and very successful project in Burgundy, France, ten years ago.A team of architectural experts, working together with historians of the Middle Ages and dedicated artisans, is raising a genuine, full-sized, fortified castle, with 45 foot high towers, a drawbridge, and 6 foot wide stone walls surrounding an expansive inner courtyard, using the materials, techniques, and rules of the 13th century.Trip Into The Far PastThirty masons, carpenters and stone carvers authentically dressed, will work all year round for twenty years, the time required to build a fortress in the Middle Ages. Imagine a place where you hear the clang of hammers on chisels as stones are being carved, and the snorting cart-horses pulling heavy stones on creaking wooden wagons. Blacksmith, rope makers, woodcutters will work right in front of you as they practise medieval techniques of construction.The Ozark Medieval Fortress will be a thrilling educational, scientific, and emotional experience, a soaring flight into ages past, an outdoor laboratory, a living history book.
What I find so interesting is that all of the tools needed to build this fortress are being created on site.
Tools to carve, hammer and wagon to carry.  I think I need to plan a trip.

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