Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hidden Valley Trail Rides

Hidden Valley Guest Ranch and Trail Rides features horseback riding in a wilderness setting! Rent one of our gentle horses, or even bring your own! 650 acres of pristine Ozarks mountains and valleys provide the perfect atmosphere to recall the days when a horse provided the muscle for getting around: At Hidden Valley, they still do!

Horses are available to riders at any level of experience. Picture riding along a winding wilderness trail at the beautiful Hidden Valley Guest Ranch! Your Trail Boss guides riders through the most gorgeous parts of the Ranch. Take the one hour Canyon Ride, or maybe even a Challenge Ride, which goes even deeper into the ranch acreage and lasts about two hours.

Take a beautiful hour Carriage across property and see the wonderful hillsides and valley (Disclaimer: The management of Hidden Valley assumes no responsibility for the humor or tall tales of your Trail Boss.) Both riders and non-riders will enjoy the Cowboy Evening at the Big Red barn. Saturdays in the winter by request, ranch hands gather at a traditional cowboy campfire to unwind when the day's riding and work are finished. Guests may bring their own food and drink, but the rest of the festivities are complimentary as God Himself intended. Stars twinkle in the night sky, while the mystical cooing of the morning dove is heard nearby. There is no extra charge for the cool breezes, the joy of holding hands with your loved one, or the stamping of the horses in their stalls as they bed down for the night. Stall or pasture rental, shoeing, and trail rides can all be arranged in advance by calling toll-free 866HVRStable.

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