Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haunted Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas

 There are many stories accounting for its haunting in hte Crescent Hotel.  One story tells of a stone worker who fell to his death during construction from what was to become room 218. His presence is supposedly very active in room 218, where doors open and slam shut, hands appear on the bathroom mirror and cries can sometimes be heard. More hauntings came after Dr. Norman Baker leased the hotel and turned it into a makeshift hospital. The truth of the matter was that Dr. Baker had no medical training and his cures, according to legend, made many of his patients go mad. There was a mental ward located on the fourth floor and a morgue located in the basement, which are now haunted by Dr. Baker’s patients, and even Dr. Baker himself. Ghost sightings on the fourth floor are abundant: a nurse with a gurney appears regularly near room 434 and a ghost known as “Theodora” materialized often near room 419. Dr. Baker sightings usually occur in the lobby.

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