Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ghout Tour at the Old Crescent Hotel

The hotel was constructed in 1886 and known as the, "Queen of The Ozarks," to the victorians. In the teens it was a fine girl's school. Intriguing tales woven with history. Hear of legendary haunts and ongoing investigations being conducted by our trained staff. The Lady in the garden, nurses, Michael, Theodora, a few of the legends to whet your appetite. Follow the dark halls below the hotel into the realm of "Dr." Norman Baker and his Cancer Cure Hospital. Many dreams of a cure for cancer were never realized. The long history of the hotel is represented through the ghosts that still inhabit it's halls and walls.
Carroll, our tour guide was well-versed and she was certainly dressed for the part. The tour started at 8pm and she intrigued us with ghostly tales moving from room to room, floor to floor in the corridors of Crescent Hotel.
Are ghosts real? Are they really in the hotel, still? You'll never know till you experienced it. We didn't have any out of the world experience although there was a guy who shot a picture with something strange looking in it. Light effects? We will never know.
It was not as scary as we thought till we made our way to the "morgue" at the basement of the hotel which incidentally is where the spa is today. Suffice to say, all desires to go to that spa disappeared that night!
At the end of it, we felt a little sad especially for all those people who were conned by Dr. Norman Baker into believing there was a cure for cancer.
Tour is US$15 per person and lasts for 2.5 hours. A great way to spend the evening.
Would I stay at Crescent Hotel? I don't think so!
Phone: (479)253-6800
Directions: The Eureka Springs Ghost Tours P.O. Box 189 Eureka Springs, AR 72632

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