Monday, June 7, 2010

Cat of the Week - Bobby Bobcat

Turpentine Creek Wild Life Center
 Bobby was rescued from a couple in Joplin, MO.  They found him in the middle of the road when he was a small cub, brought him home and decided to try to raise him as a pet.  They began bottle feeding him and within a few months introduced him to dog and cat foods.  He was eventually switched to raw meat, including chicken and turkey and he appeared healthy when he arrived at the refuge.  Bobby lived in the house with the couple with some access to an outside porch but his main area was in the utility room, where he was fed and his bed was located.  Bobby eventually became very aggressive and territorial of this utility room and would not let the owners into the room at all.  He inevitably bit the owner on the back of the calf and they decided he needed a home before he seriously hurt someone, so they called the refuge to rescue him.

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