Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blue Springs Heritage Center, Eureka Springs , Arkansas

Located about 6 miles west of the downtown off Hwy 62. This site has been a draw for over hundreds of years, and focus came with settlers in about mid 1800's. Before that Indians lived here, and revered the spring that flowed. Since 1993 the garden is for display after many years of people expanding the spring area. It now has 33 acres to view of 93 total, some of flowers, and the rests wooded. The trip can take about 3/4 hour to see and walk through. They have let some thing deteriorate since 1993, and it shows. On the other hand they need money to keep going.
The spring flows 38 million gallons of water a day-a lot-and it flows into White River. They have a small dam and bridge going over the water. A crooked walkway is interesting on the one side. Under the limestone cave ledges is where Osage Indians lived over 10,000 years, and kept out of weather elements. Many artifacts were found here. In 1903 Frank Massiman bought 3800 acres for $1 per acre, and eventually in 1946 they were shipping "curative" waters out of the springs to cities. Open 9-5 mid March to mid November and price is $7.25

  • Address: Eurkea Springs Road

  • Directions: Six miles west of town off Hwy 62-by Inspiration Point entry

  • Website:

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