Monday, June 14, 2010

“The Basin Spring", Eureka Springs Arkansas

Z.P. Freeman former Mayor of Eureka Springs (1893-1894)
Come all you who are afflicted
nd listen to my song;
It's of one who was sick and weak,
But now is well and strong.
His face wears the bloom of youth,
His limbs are supple and strong,
He walks with a stride of a Westerner
As he gaily marches along.
He came to Eureka for health;
He went to the Basin each day,
He found that for which he had sought
And made up his mind he would stay.
He wanted all his friends to come
And drink at the fountain of youth
To be healed of all their diseases,
And know he had told them the truth.
They came – the halt, the lame, the blind –
To drink this pure water so cold.
They said he had told them the truth
But the half had never been told.
Many fell in love with the town
And began its praises to sing,
Who had been healed of all their ills
From drinking at the Basin spring.
Others heard of the many cures
That were affected every day.
They come in droves from everywhere.
And you could not keep them away.
They stood in line to take their turn;
Their buckets and bottles did bring,
To catch the pure water that flowed
From out of the Basin spring.
Many came in those early years,
And some concluded to stay.
Though nine and forty years have passed
Some are still with us today.
May these pure waters ever flow
For the healing of the nations,
For they are the most wonderful
Of all our Lord's creations.
Scripted by pen in 1928
So, often guests ask me why Eureka Springs?  What brought those here to settle the land. It was the water, the pure and magical water of Eurkea Springs,Arkansas.

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