Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pigeon Roost Trail

Pigeon Roost Trail

Length: 8 1/2 miles
Time: Allow 8-9 hours total hiking time
Difficulty: Moderate
Brochure: Available as indicated below
Description: The trailhead parking lot is located on the north side of State 12, about 7/10 mile east of War Eagle Road (Benton County 98). There is a restroom that can be seen at the trail head. Park vehicles straight ahead off the highway, to the left of the gate.
The trail is a double stacked-loop trail; there is a short loop of approximately 4 miles for day hiking and a longer loop of 8.5 miles for overnight use. Primitive camping is allowed on the longer loop at five designated campsites only. These campsites, on a ridge overlooking Beaver Lake, are available on a first-come basis. Please contact the Ranger at the phone number listed below to determine if there will be a campsite available.
The trail is fairly short for an overnight trail, but there are several hills to climb which give the trail its difficulty rating. From the parking lot, the trail begins straight ahead down the ridgeline. This is an access spur which follows the ridgeline for about 1/2 mile, then drops off the ridge to the west to the bottom of a hollow where it intersects with the loop. At this point, you can go either left or right; however, the hiking is a bit easier if you take the left fork. The trail winds through narrow hollows and up and along rugged ridges. It travels through stands of native pines, hardwoods, and typical Ozark vegetation. During leaf-off, there are several locations which offer great views of the Van Hollow branch of Beaver Lake.
At present, small game, turkey and deer hunting is allowed in the area.
Guidebooks are available at most Northwest Arkansas outfitting and/or sporting goods stores.
Location: Thirteen miles east of Rogers on Hwy. 12
Comments: Moderate - Strenuous

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