Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nurses take the Angel

March the 5th and 6th was the unofficial " Nurses take Eureka Weekend ," leaving med's and beepers behinds, the Angel hosted a weekend gathering for 4 nurses and one nurse in training and their spouses this weekend.
Now this truly was an unplanned event, three of the couples had stayed at the Angel in the past, so I had remembered each of the couples and that a few of them were practicing Nurses. When I introduced each couple to each other during breakfast, it occurred to me that we had a few Nurses in the house.
We all had a great laugh over the coincidence. According to the "Nurses" the weather, food and company during the weekend was great. Who knows maybe we can plan a reunion next year.

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  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    This is really fun, coming here to this Angel at Rose Hall blog...hail hail to all the nurses everywhere but even more so HAIL HAIL to your lovely Rose Hall Hostess!!! Save me a brownie!



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