Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get your "Green On"

In a town where locals are always looking for a reason to celebrate, St Patrick's Day Parade is no exception. It is no wonder that Eurekian's believe a descendant of St. Patrick, was born here in Eureka Springs. Locals lovingly referred to him as St. Paddy Jr.Paintin’ the Town Green this year will take place in Eureka Springs at its 17th Annual St Paddy Parade. Rolling out at 2 p.m.. Kaptains Klub, dressed in tuxedos bearing flower canes as they lead the Krewe of Blarney float, followed by other floats including the Klan O’Kidz headed by Coach Rudy. Not far behind will be the Krewe O’Barkus looking for Green Bones. The Kaptains of the Krewe of Blarney Halfast Walkin' Klub will host an Irish Bash with Corn Beef and Cabbage at the Rowdy Beaver following the end of the parade.
Info at 479-981-9551 - www.StPaddy.Ureeka.Org

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