Friday, February 12, 2010

Pets and Animal Shelters

For those of you who have been to the Angel, you know we have a pet. Bella is her name, a sweet, passive and loving Chow Chow. A meek lion, and family companion.

We have always been pet lovers, well there was Ashley the dark grey Blue Russian we found in the parking lot at the local grocery store, when our daughter Lauren was young. Ashley lived to age 14 or 15. Ashley had a great life chasing lizards, and laying in the warm Florida sun. Taking long naps and always looking for someone to curl up against.

Then there was Snowflake, a red Chow Chow found on the streets of Miami. Bob brought Snowflake home one Christmas, eight years ago. Our daughter thought she looked like a dirty “Snowflake”, so the name kind of stuck. Snowflake like Ashley the cat, had the best life an animal could have. Family vacations, play dates at the doggie park. Boating and canoe trips, Snowflake even had her own swimming life jacket. We loved Snowflake like a family member and when she pasted on well over a year ago, she was truly missed by many.

So that bring me to Bella, searching desperately to fill the void that Snowflake left, we brought a new puppy in to our home and hearts. At this point she perform few tricks, listens only when she wants to.but has been the best medicine for a broken heart.

Our shelters are full of furry abandoned animals ranging in all sizes, many who have survived the most desperate conditions. Relying only on the kindness of stranger and volunteers.

For some, pets are the only companions some individuals have. They rely on us for food and shelter, but in return provide us with so much more. So if there is a little room in your home and heart take that trip down to your local shelter or Humane Society. Peek in to the cages, see if there is a puppy or cat who looks like they could belong to you. It is a win – win situation for all. And for those of you out there who already own a pet and take great care of her or him, kudos to you. You are earning your keys to heaven.

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  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hello Bella! I hear you are looking like a BEAR these days! Hallie Rainbow sends her love. We have visited the Silent Echoes. We also viewed the Angel Statues. We have placed them here on your Mistress' blog for you to look at between snacks. They are on our blog too these beautiful sites. Blessings dearest Bella. Be good to your Mistress as I miss her so! Love Eden



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