Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day of Love

We are quickly approaching Valentines Day. For many couples and families, this is a day of celebration. An opportunity to communication to one's significant other(s),just how much one truly cares.

In our fast paced, impersonal techno world, the human touch and any out ward signs of affection is conspicuously missing. A day in which to celebrate our love for each, indeed is a reason to cheer.

So tell you husband, or your wife, friend,son or daughter how truly important they are to you. Share your love with your co-workers, neighbors and even those who might not even expect your kindness. Your generous gift of love is always appreciated.

Happy Valentines Day, to all of my darlings, you know who you are, my sweet visitors who have graced me with their presence, my "Angel " Brides and Grooms and all who I share my big circle of daily breath

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    And you are always a daily breath of love to dearest Valentine Eden



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